Sunday, June 21, 2009

California Satsang June 12-16, 2009

We were delighted to have members of all three California Satsang groups-- South, North, and Bay Area-- together at the House of Prayer in Carmel, California for the Summer Satsang. Sr. Ishpriya was with us, along with Gitti and, for one day, Hubert Hesse. We had the opportunity to talk with Hubert and each other about the ways that Satsang contacts can be extended through the Internet and blogs like this one.

Sr. Ishpriya's Pravachans (reflections) invited us to consider what it means to commit to "spiritual awareness and practice," in the transformative journey. She reminded us that Satsang is not a community "in the Western sense," but a place to meet companions who are seeking to stay on the same track. On the third day, she took advantage of the fact that it was Patrick's birthday to consider the way that birthdays mark our steps along the spiritual journey.

The days included times for meditation, reading, and conversation, as well as opportunities for walking on the beach or wandering the beautiful grounds of the House of Prayer.

Our evening gatherings created space for us to talk more deeply about our personal experiences and to learn from one another's insights. "When have you experienced a moment of clear awareness?" "What is the question that drives your life?" "How might the members of Satsang around the world be connected more meaningfully?"

For quiet spaces, for good companions, for delicious (vegetarian) food, and for the hospitality of the House of Prayer, we are all grateful!

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